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Visia Skin Analysis

What is the Visia skin analysis?

Not all sun damage, skin aging and bacterial infection is visible to the human eye. That’s where Visia Skin Analysis shines. It allows practitioners to detect a multitude of skin conditions and develop a customized approach to address your specific concerns.

How does the Visia Skin Analysis work?

Through a series of filters, Visia scans and captures your skin. It looks for pigmentation changes, UV damage, wrinkles, unfavourable texture changes, pore size and the prevalence of acne-causing bacteria. Your results are then shared with you on a screen where you can see your complexion in minute detail.

What information does the Visia Skin Analysis give me?

The biggest benefit of Visia is that it captures damage (such as UV and vascular) that’s present, but you can’t see. The device takes snapshots of your entire face, centre and from left to right, and produces a detailed picture and analysis of your epidermis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Once Visia documents your specific skin concerns, they will serve as a baseline for your skin rejuvenation plan. With each treatment, you’ll be able to see before and after photos and the improvements that are happening along the way.

Visia can help people of all skin types and ethnicities with skin analysis.

The entire process only takes a few minutes. That’s why it’s a perfect service to add before any skin rejuvenation treatment.

There are no side effects with Visia Skin Analysis.

There is no pain or discomfort with Visia Skin Analysis. It’s like having your picture taken.

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