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Hydraglow Facial / Hydraglow Deluxe Facial

If you have a special event coming up or are simply looking to give your skin a beautiful glow, the Hydraglow Facial at MD Skin Lab is here to give your skin that exact treat! The Hydraglow Facial is made to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin through different techniques like exfoliation, soothing hydration, a refreshing, icy lymphatic massage and deep moisturization. Our luxurious and effective medical-grade treatment provides the skin with a healthy glow, ultimately leaving it feeling refreshed!

Hydraglow Facial Explained

What is the Hydraglow Facial?

The Hydraglow Facial combines various techniques to achieve radiant skin, such as hydration, exfoliation, extractions and a lymphatic massage. Our aestheticians use techniques to achieve a beautiful glow, paired with luxurious products by SkinCeuticals and Vivier. While the Hydraglow Facial primarily assists the skin in becoming more hydrated and promoting a glow, the treatment is ideal for helping several skin concerns. This can be pore congestion, dull or tired-looking skin, an uneven skin tone, acne, or blemishes. Additionally, the facial can help reduce inflammation, increase circulation and promote radiance.

You can upgrade your treatment options with the Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial or a Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial. Both options address specific skin concerns, such as uneven skin tone, acne, or rough texture, and are tailored to provide optimal results, which can be understood further in the “How does the Hydraglow Facial work” section. MD Skin Lab also offers a Hydraglow Acne Facial, which goes in-depth with extractions.

Who Is It For And Am I A Candidate?

The Hydraglow Facial, Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial or Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial are perfect for individuals seeking that beautiful, pre-event skin glow or improving the abovementioned skin concerns. The facials are made to bring out a healthy complexion and boost skin hydration – an excellent choice to treat yourself to some self-care!

The good news is that all the facials are suitable for most individuals as they are non-invasive. When you come into MD Skin Lab, our senior aesthetician will evaluate your skin to ensure the treatment is right for you.

How Does The Hydraglow Facial Work?

Our experienced aesthetician at MD Skin Lab will begin with a thorough cleanse focused on removing impurities in the skin. Next, the skin is prepared for an infusion of antioxidant-rich hydration and exfoliation through hydro-dermabrasion. Our ultrasonic skin-sweeping technology performs extractions for those seeking an extra deep cleanse. After that step, the skin is saturated with hydrating serums, followed by an icy lymphatic massage to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and promote radiance. The Hydraglow Facial is paired with luxurious, skin-benefiting products by SkinCeuticals and Vivier. In all, the treatment will improve the appearance of the skin, including surface pigmentation, pore congestion and the overall texture of your skin.

We offer three additional treatments to obtain a more dramatic and glowing complexion: the Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial and the Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial. You can learn about the chemical peels we offer at MD Skin Lab right here Dermaplaning is a part of the in-depth skin treatment that involves using a unique tool called a scalpel that gently removes the top layer of dead skin cells and tiny hairs. This process also helps exfoliate the skin, leading to brighter and smoother-looking skin. MD Skin Lab also offers a Hydraglow Acne Facial, which goes in-depth with extractions.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Hydraglow Facials?

The Hydraglow Facial, Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial, Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial, or Hydraglow Acne Facial targets the following:

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Back

Specifics that can be addressed through the treatment are skin dryness, rough texture, an uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne or dull-looking skin.

Are The Hydraglow Facials Safe?

Yes! Our experienced aesthetician performs the treatments. The Hydraglow Facial, Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial and Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial is a non-invasive skin-care procedure that does not involve using harsh chemicals. Our ultrasonic skin-sweeping technology is designed to be painless when extracting impurities from the skin.

How Long Will The Hydraglow Facial Take?

The Hydraglow Facial takes 1 hour. Meanwhile, the Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial, Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial, and Hydraglow Acne Facial take 1.5 hours.

What Does The Treatment Feel Like?

The Hydraglow Facial is comfortable and a treat for the skin. It is relaxing and gentle, and the cosmetic procedure is non-invasive. A slight tingle may be felt while dead skin cells are being removed through exfoliation. With hydration, the patient should feel a soothing effect on the skin. Think of it as a pampering session that will bring out rejuvenated skin! For the Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial or Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial, some mild tingling and discomfort during the chemical peel; however, it will subside quickly.

What Is The Downtime After A Hydraglow Facial?

After treatment, some mild redness may occur, but typically there is no downtime required. For optimal results, we suggest refraining from wearing makeup or engaging in strenuous physical activity for at least 24 hours post-treatment. To protect your skin from potential damage, we strongly recommend using sunscreen when venturing outdoors and minimizing sun exposure as much as possible.

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How Many Appointments Will I Need And When Will I See The Results?

The Hydraglow Facial can be performed every month or for those who want to achieve that pre-event glow. It is recommended that you undergo the treatment at least 5 to 7 days before an event to ensure that your skin is at its most radiant. Since the Hydraglow Dermaplaning Facial, Hydraglow Chemical Peel Facial, and Hydraglow Acne Facial are slightly more intricate than the original Hydraglow Facial, treatment can be repeated after one month. It all comes down to what each individual wants to accomplish for their skin goals. Please remember that each person has different skin, which can contribute to the number of appointments required. At MD Skin Lab, we offer bespoke treatment plans tailored to your skin’s needs!

Results can be seen almost immediately; you will notice smoother texture and tighter pores. In addition, continual improvement will be seen a week after treatment. The results can last anywhere from a month to 6 weeks, but regular maintenance is suggested for consistently glowing skin.

Will I Experience Any Side Effects?

Some possible side effects that may be encountered from the treatment are mild irritation, temporary redness or subtle sensitivity. These side effects will subside quickly after the treatment.

How Much Does A Hydraglow Facial Cost?

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