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About Us

Welcome to MD Skin Lab. We’re a Toronto-based cosmetic clinic that’s owned and operated by physicians. All our non-surgical and minimally-invasive procedures are delivered by a team of aesthetic physicians who are focused on the patient’s comfort, health, and safety.

At MD Skin Lab we celebrate each person’s unique individuality by offering a bespoke approach to aesthetic treatments. Our skilled physicians are meticulous in maintaining facial balance and proportion, always striving for a natural and beautiful result.

Our clinic specializes in highly sought-after modalities such as dermal fillers, neuromodulators, fat-dissolving injections, hair restoration and PRP microneedling. Whether patients are looking to soften lines and wrinkles, firm sagging skin, or achieve a fuller head of hair, we help each person reach their aesthetic goals in a professional manner and luxurious environment.

Meet Our Founding Physicians

Vishaal Govan, MD/MBA

Vishaal Govan received his undergraduate degree at York University and went on to complete his medical training in the United States. He completed his clinical training in Chicago, USA, and continued his education by pursuing an MBA degree upon his return to Toronto, Canada.

⁠He is board certified in advanced cosmetic medicine procedures through The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. He believes in a natural approach to Aesthetic Medicine and loves the transformative power that can be achieved through non invasive procedures. ⁠His passion for medicine, art, fashion and aesthetic beauty combined, allows him to achieve natural results that harmoniously balance art and medicine.

He believes in preventative medicine as a whole and is additionally currently enrolled in a Lifestyle Medicine program through Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Soreya Dhanji, MD CCFP

Dr. Dhanji excels in a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including natural anti-wrinkle injections, full facial balancing using dermal fillers, PRP injections, PRP hair treatments, and fat-dissolving injections.

As a co-founder at MD Skin Lab, Dr. Dhanji combines her medical expertise with an artistic touch to help you feel confident and empowered. She practices a conservative approach to aesthetics where every patient feels more confident and powerful after their appointment. Dr. Dhanji believes that an educational, safe, and personalized approach to medical aesthetics is central to each patient visit.

What sets Dr. Dhanji apart is her commitment to staying at the forefront of her field. She has had the privilege of training with world-renowned specialists, earning her Aesthetic Intelligence Fellowship for advanced dermal filler techniques with Dr. Ayad Harb. She is proficient in advanced procedures such as Dr. Ayad Harb’s Three-Point-Non-Surgical Nose Job technique, and she's received direct training from the esteemed Dr. Raj Acquilla.

Dr. Dhanji completed her Medical Doctorate and residency at the prestigious University of Calgary School of Medicine. She is a Licentiate of the Medical College of Canada and a member of the Canadian College of Family Physicians. She is certified in advanced cosmetic medicine procedures through the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine and the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr. Dhanji and Dr. Govan have completed the following certifications in medical aesthetics through the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine:

  • Advanced Injector Botox®
  • Forehead and Temple Rejuvenation
  • Mesotherapy
  • Advanced Injector Dermal Fillers
  • Medical Skin Treatments and Chemical Peels
  • Sclerotherapy
  • PRP Facial Microneedling
  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Laser Training
  • PRP Hair Restoration
  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
  • IV Nutrition Therapy

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